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  • Jennifer Rodgers

4 easy ways to increase practice revenue

ptSource is committed to serving the medical community in more ways than our comprehensive patient access solutions. We want to be a resource to our network of providers and practice managers - bringing quick, informative reads to your inbox a few times per month. We are experts in perfecting practice-to-patient communication, and our mission is to improve this important process for all.

Here are 4 easy ways you can start increasing your medical practice's revenue today:

1. Build an online presence

In this day and age, approximately 70% of patients are reported to check internet reviews when searching for a new doctor (Reputation, Inc.). It’s important that your practice stands out amongst these searches by spending time building your Google profile and encouraging your patients to leave reviews. 2. Never miss a connection

Only answering calls from prospective or current patients during typical business hours can leave your patients feeling like your practice is inaccessible. With more and more practices using after-hours call services, it’s important to stay competitive and be sure you’re recruiting patients and appointments as often as possible. ptSource offers patient access to your practice 24/7/365 via phone, text, and email.

3. Motivate your staff

Your staff are your most valuable resource. Spend time giving positive feedback on the work they are doing every day. Healthcare staff burnout is very real, and it’s crucial that practices keep their team happy and fulfilled. Allow them to take ownership and responsibility of information and projects and utilize them to their fullest potential. A happy team is a successful practice.

4. Optimize appointment scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a delicate balance – you don’t want your providers feeling frustrated with a dappled calendar, but you also don’t want a bottleneck of appointments to form. ptSource’s expert patient access specialists work closely with your team to ensure that every slot is filled efficiently and open communication is maintained between your practice and your patients.

ptSource is proven to increase practice revenue for our partners. Contact us today for a quick call about how we can meet your goals.

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